Wzrdz of Web3 - Solana

The Solana collection was designed & developed by Qdibs. Featuring 600 Wzrdz of Web3 that wont last long! Wzrdz are a low supply collection aimed to provide fun utility to holders. The founder qdibs is passionate for web3 and gaming. The project currently has two multiplayer games that are ready for you and friends to team up and conquer!

- 10 bounty Wzrdz with gold backgrounds worth 1 SOL airdrop upon minting out!

- Limited collection size of 600 Wzrdz, secure yours early!

- Access to Wzrdz Wastelandz multiplayer shooter game and Wzrdz arena dueling game (Already playable with ongoing updates)!

- Cross community character integration, want to see your 3d NFT in our game, lets collab!

- Downloadable 3d models of all Solana Wzrdz in development!

- Airdrop for Wzrdz on ETH holders!

- Public mint set at a welcoming 0.25 SOL!

Learn more about the 3d collection below!

The Wzrdz Arena

A one of a kind experience crafted in Unity game engine. Mint a 3d Wzrd, and play as the character that represents your element type! The four playable characters for season one will be fire, earth, air, and water. Each in game character utilizes a unique special ability that can alter the results of a duel.

Once started the game you will choose your character and set your username, this is how you will appear when dueling. Choose "create a game" to become the host and start a lobby. You can share this code with other users and have them choose "join game" to connect. They will enter the shared code and then be brought into the same pre-game lobby screen. When the host is ready to start the duel, they can choose to do so.

Use your abilities wisely to conquer the arena!

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Wzrd Wastelandz

Wastelandz is a multiplayer third person shooter game. Built in Unity game engine we provide to you our second playable video game in the Wrzdz ecosystem. This multiplayer shooter features three initial game modes to choose from. Capture the flag can only be played against other online Wzrd players. While team death match and free-for-all can be played against bots or real Wzrdz. That is right, you can play without anyone else having to be online! By playing Wastelandz you can unlock new levels, Wzrd characters, gun skins, calling cards, emblems, and more!

Battling your way up the all-time leaderboards is a great way to have some friendly competition within the community! Press download now to find out more about the Wastelandz.

Meet the Wzrdz

Qdibs - Founder / Dev

Web developer working in the IoT industry. Passionate about building a utility based free mint NFT project that is around in years to come.

Jasmine - Artist

A highly versatile artist who brings all your ideas and imagination to life. Here to show you all the true power of Wzrdz of Web3 NFT.

zDevil - Team

Moderator and community builder who can turn any problem into a solution. Here to grow with the Wzrdz community.

Richie - Team

Moderator and community builder who has a passion to evolve projects. With much experience in crypto, here to grow Wzrdz.

NevaRestPro - Team

Devoted to helping the Wzrdz project grow. Leading the way with social media and exploring new ideas for success.

Fenojle - Team

A graphic design wzrd, providing incredible art for the Wzrdz of Web3 brand. Examples including our logo and $WZRD coin.

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